1. Idea Generation/Briefing Stage – Initial meeting and situational briefing. Idea generation, research and data gathering as required.
  2. Opportunity Recognition/Idea Evaluation Stage – GCA HealthCare will work closely with the client to ensure the opportunity in question is clearly defined. A project proposal outlining key strategic and tactical elements that will be addressed is generally part of this phase. Key questions that will be considered include whether the project represents value for client and client’s customers and does the project fit well within overall company/client strategy. A project proposal outlining key deliverables, key metrics, as well as projected timelines and budget will then be delivered.
  3. Project Execution Phase- Project is executed GCA HealthCare Consulting will work closely with the client to ensure the proposed solutions will meet the needs of various stakeholders and deliver a customer focused solution.
  4. Presentation of Findings Phase- Project finding delivered including most appropriate methods of executing against key findings. Customer and market impact assessments as required. GCA HealthCare can be retained to support project execution as needed.